Magnum Madness


I took a photo this afternoon of several boxes of Magnum bars all beautifully displayed inside the freezer of Makati Supermart, as if they were trying to seduce the shoppers by their mere presence as they’ve been out of stock for quite some time.

I recalled the first time I ever saw the Magnum logo being advertised. It was in one of the MRT stations in Singapore late last year. My first thought was: Wow, sosyal na Pinipig Crunch without the pinipig! Lol! The excitement over this new find lasted just a few seconds amongst the M troop, and then we went on to thinking of other things. We left Singapore without evening trying Magnum as it never really piqued our curiosity that much.

Fast-forward to 2012 and Magnum made its red carpet entrance in the Metro. I knew it was going to get the interest of a lot of people because it was new (the way people react to new fads such as milk tea), it was “imported” and it was “sosi” to be able to shell out P50 for an ice cream bar after we’ve convinced ourselves watching endless Selecta Cornertto ads that our sweet tooth can be satisfied for just P20. Little did I expect the kind of mega frenzy this new product created, with FB feeds filled with posts and pictures of every experience people had with the Magnum bar. Friends and family posted non-stop about this seemingly elusive new dessert’s whereabouts around town, and how they were pleasantly surprised to find them in their local mini groceries. And then it happened: Magnum went out of stock. For weeks! People went berserk! As if they had ran out of their supply of rice, fans ran from store to store hoping to find last few pieces of possible store rejects to satisfy their hunger.

While all this was happening, the M family happily went about their lives, still not having done their share of Magnum shopping. I really don’t know why we didn’t react like everyone else. No, di naman kami mayabang. We actually wanted to feel curious. But we didn’t. Maybe because I was on a diet? Maybe because my hubby’s work schedule didn’t give him any ice cream cravings? Maybe because my daughter didn’t like anything that wasn’t pink? Or maybe because Nicky still had a tub of Hershey’s ice cream sitting in the freezer for a week already? Whatever it was, we weren’t affected by the sudden absence of Magnum in the groceries. So I was as amused as I was surprised to see three Magnum bars inside my freezer one morning, and I assumed that Allan must’ve gotten some at a 24 hour convenience store on his way home.

My first thought was, Finally! It’s here! Now we will know what all that brouhaha was all about! I actually waited till lunch when the family was altogether before we did our Magnum devouring ceremony. And so we did. We tried the Chocolate Truffle, the Classic and the Almond variants. And it was… Good! Well, no fireworks. No marching band. It was yummy, that’s a fact, as all Belgian chocolate products are meant to be. It was actually everything that we expected it to be — rich, creamy, smooth and divine as compared to our local counterparts. Which was a good thing, ok? We liked all the flavors that were available to us, but I think my favorite would be the Chocolate Truffle variant as I am not really a fan of nuts in ice cream. Over-all we were happy and satisfied with our dessert choice for the day. It wasn’t “life-altering”, as Allan would normally say. It wouldn’t make me crave and give me sleepless nights if I didn’t have some stashed in our freezer. It was a delicious dessert choice that we were happy to have tried, and to know that they’re back in the stores is a bonus for us.

Sadly, I still can’t indulge in Magnum and all its glorious chocolate goodness lest I want to spend the next few days running back and forth to the scale to check the damage that this bar might have made on my weight, haha! But I have learned to treat myself to a bite or two of my favorite sweets every now and then, so I don’t end up feeling sorry for myself. And I am glad that Magnum is finally here and back to make my cheat moments a little more meaningful. 😀

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