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I am not a fan of group buying deals (though I subscribe to at least 6 of their sites, haha!), but I love discount promos and I want to know what companies are offering to advertise their products. I have purchased quite a few in the past years — gadgets, fine-dining GCs, overnight out-of-town trips and other novelty products I just found too cute to pass up. So far the best deal I have ever purchased was the one offered by Ensogo for a 40-page photobook valued at P6000 which I got for only P1299!


Photo courtesy of Photobook Philippines

The voucher was for a 40-page, 15″ x 11″ Large Landscape Imagewrap Photobook. I grabbed it immediately because I was excited to publish the family portrait photos that our good friend Arlene Briones took of us last March (visit her site to see samples of our photoshoot at ARLENE BRIONES). Seeing the quality of printed pictures showcased in Photobook Philippines’ gallery, I was confident that our photos would look gorgeous.


Using the dowloadable Photobook software to layout the images was a breeze! I managed to finish the design for all 40 pages in half a night and sent the file online through their website in just a matter of minutes. All I needed to do was to wait for the finished product. And when it did, I was beyond impressed with both the finished product and the service that Photobook offered!

Here are a few reasons why I believe this was one of the best deals I’ve ever purchased:

• The voucher promised a delivery timetable of 7-11 days after receipt of payment, and I got mine after only 5 days!

• The bookwas well protected as it was covered in shrink wrap and was placed in a thick box with foam padding on all sides to ensure that the book was safe and damage-free.


It’s here!

• The photo printing was amazing! The materials used were indeed of very high-quality, the paper used was acid-free and really thick and sturdy (I upgraded the paper from 170gsm to 216gsm and I chose Premium Silk so that the photos would really pop!), and the assembly and binding was neatly done.

• I thought that with the promo price I’d only be getting a softcover, so seeing that the finished product had a hardcover was like a bonus for me!


The finished product!


Hardbound cover


Over-all we were happy to have our very own M Book. I wouldn’t mind purchasing a few more vouchers if another deal comes up from the same company (Photobook Philippines was awarded best photobook of the year) as I have a few more photo albums that I believe are “book-worthy”. If you wish to look at other photobooks that they’ve created, visit their website at PHOTOBOOK PHILIPPINES.

Mark of the M

I am sure there are other HOT DEALS out there that are as good or maybe even better than this. If you’ve recently purchased a voucher from any of the group buying sites that are out there that you believe was a really great deal, share it with me! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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  1. TFS for Peachy! I’ve downloaded their software months ago and couldn’t make a good layout on my own. What you have is a good deal, Peachy! I didn’t know of Ensogo but for a 40-page hardbound book priced at almost P1,700. . . . it’s a good deal and bargain. I have been wrestling with having some of my projects done with Photobook for 1) recording scrapbooking projects of my team in my upcoming challenge blog for Filipino scrappers. I have started work on it – it’s a WIP; and for my 2) family travel photos too but I couldn’t seem to make a good layout of it on my own. I might need to have these photos layout done by Photobook itself. 😦

    Your book look great, Peachy! Wonderfully done. How I wish I could avail of a good deal such as yours. I’ll try to look around. Thanks again, Peachy!


    • Thanks Kath! I am also waiting for this promo to do a repeat because this was actually Ensogo’s second time to offer this (I missed out on the first one, tsk…). I saw that almost 3000 people availed of it the last time so who knows, they might do a repeat! I’ll make sure to let you know when I do 😀

      Add me to your blogroll ok? 🙂

    • Thanks thanks! It really was a good deal. I am hoping they have more offers of this promo because I still have so many photos I’d like to showcase too 🙂

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