Decluttering: Day 1


Bubblewrap’s Jellybean Bag Organizer (Orange Tiger Print)

My bag can be as cluttered as the many thoughts flying around my head.  I tend to carry a lot of stuff like my cellphone, wallet, checkbook, hand sanitizer, wipes, 3 kinds of keys, and tons of useless stuff such as receipts, cards, notes, and candy wrappers from the kids (which I totally forget to dispose off when there’s a nearby trash can). What happens is I end up stuffing them in every available pocket the bag has. And whatever is too big is what settles in the main part of the bag, just tumbling around while I carry it around doing my thing.  And so when time comes that I need to fish out my car keys, I end up standing in front of my car and emptying out the contents on my hood to try to find it in the sea of confusion (this is VERY unsafe and I do not recommend you ever do this even with a companion!).  To add to this nightmare, can you imagine needing to transfer all of these into a different bag? It would be like dumping trash from one bin to another!

Thank goodness I have my BUBBLEWRAP JELLYBEAN BAG ORGANIZER to solve this perennial bag disaster!

Jellybean bag

The Jellybean Bag Organizer’s handles are sturdy and easy to use to pull out off my bag!

This super cute and functional bag organizer has pockets of all sizes both inside and out, so it fits all my pens, receipts and small pieces of paper in the inside pockets alone.  The open space in the middle is big enough to fit my toiletries and my phone charger.  I carry a humongous wallet so I don’t intend to put it inside but for those who carry a purse or a small-sized wallet, it would fit perfectly inside that space as well.  The outside pockets carry my cellphone and my calling cards so that they’re readily accessible and easy to find.  Oh and did I tell you about my 3 kinds of keys? I don’t need to turn my bag inside out anymore because the bag organizer comes with a keyholder which you can hang outside of the bag organizer for easy access or tuck into the bag organizer as well.  What makes all this a breeze? The sturdy metal handles attached makes it easy to pull the bag organizer out of my bag and transfer into another bag, junk and all!  Now I don’t need to worry about leaving stuff behind in my previous bag because everything’s in my JELLYBEAN!

Check out the variety of designs to choose from!

The BUBBLEWRAP JELLYBEAN BAG ORGANIZER comes in a variety of prints and color combination that best suit your bag personality.  Like what you see? Check out the JELLYBEAN BAG ORGANIZER at BUBBLEWRAP ONLINE STORE!

Now if I can only find an organizer for my thoughts…

Want to order one?


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