My Look: Monochrome Mommy


What I wore today: Fendi Monogram Cropped Top, Levi’s Straight Cut Jeans, Hermés black belt, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Ultragirl Shoes.

Ok so it screamed monotone and monogram… but I was in the mood for it today.  Was feeling a bit nostalgic (i think the rain does this to me every time), and so the top gave out that vintage vibe that I was going for.  I was also kinda tired of being too colorful (it just didn’t seem to fit the somber mood I was in right about lunchtime, hehe), so I went with the flow and kept at the black, whites and grays, and then wore bright red NYX lipstick for that much-needed accent. The Fendi Monogram Cropped Top I found fit perfectly on me though I think it was really meant to be belly-baring for the taller, model-ic girl with a torso that went on forever… someone that I am not.  My trusty Vivienne Westwood Anglomania+ Melissa Ultragirl shoes went perfectly with the rest of my monochromatic palette plus it lent another vintage feel to the look through the iconic british design that VW has for been known for for decades.

Like to own a top just like mine at an unbelievably affordable price?  It’s available here at

Want to see more of Vivienne Westwood’s designs for Melissa?  Check out the whole line here at Melissa!


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