Decluttering Day 2: Every Bag’s BFF!

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In my fantasy world, i have a walk-in closet bigger than every room in the house.  My bags and shoes are all neatly displayed in glass cabinets and shelves, free from dust, moisture, and all kinds of pests that could potentially endanger the very existence of these leather babies which some people put more value on than their own children (the guilty may now leave this page! LOL).

Back to reality.  I do not have such a closet.  I have a walk-in “warehouse” where I guiltily throw my bags into after a long day, not really giving much thought to their plight after several days of doing so.  To all of you who take really good care of your bags (and I know quite a number of people who are extremely obsessive-compulsive with their bags), kudos to you!  I envy the innately organized woman who lives and breathes order and neatness in every aspect of her life.  She probably could organize a closet with her hands tied behind her back! But for the neat-challenged like me, external help is needed.

I began the arduous task of fixing my bag shelf.  Note: To the faint-hearted, you may not want to proceed with looking at this next photo (bag-lovers, please do not start sending me hate mails!).  This is what I had to face whenever I opened the door to my closet…

Bag shelf before


Yes, I know, it’s an embarrassment.  It’s sacrilege to my bags! I don’t deserve to own any, I get it! And i realized that after I had to dig under several piles of bags to get out my mangled, dusty, “supposedly practically-new” Coach Studded East / West shoulder bag and stared at the horrifying state that it was in.  I needed help! And I needed it fast!

Thank goodness for my online shopping addiction pastime, I found my newest bag best friend!  MY SINFUL INDULGENCE carries clear, sturdy and classy storage boxes for bags which I believe is a Godsend to people like me.  They not only protect bags from dust and other harmful elements, they are amazing space-savers!  I initially bought 5 pcs to give them a test-drive and see how well they fit into my bag shelves.  My big bags fit perfectly (my Louis Vuitton Galliera PM inside its dust bag slid snugly into the box) while my small and medium-sized bags shared ample breathing space inside a single box without scratching their hardwares.  I managed to keep a total of 11 bags in these boxes, and I still had space left for my stuffed bags (filled with bag stuffers I purchased from LOVE MY BAGS years ago).  I was so impressed with how big a difference these boxes made to protect my bags and more importantly, save shelf space!  And now bag lovers, here is how my shelf looks today:



Impressed? I am too!  I have a new batch of boxes arriving soon, and for the first time in my life, I am actually looking forward to fixing my closet!  I may not have the dream closet I’ve always wanted, but at least I no longer face the nightmare that I had a week ago!

Check out my new bag BFFs here and here!  Happy organizing! 😀


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  1. huh? what do you mean? kasi i know how oc you are. so i imagined how you look after fixing your closet and saw that happy and relieved face. hehehe. it always feels good to declutter in whatever area whether material things or not. 🙂

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