The Little Things: Post #2

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As you may have noticed, I have been out of touch with the blogging world for a few weeks.  For those who follow my blog (I am imagining that I do have “hundreds” of followers, lol), well, our country was pretty much devastated by storms and have been experiencing rains, floods and intermittent internet connection for weeks.  So I have been out of sorts (and quite frankly, gloomy) that I had no energy or motivation to blog.  The dark, dreary and wet days just got to me and I honestly didn’t want to leave my bed for a whole week because everything around was just to depressing 😦

Anyway, I was reminded that I promised to do a “The Little Things” post on a regular basis to be reminded of what made me happy in the past and to look out for moments that brightened my day.  It was quite difficult to think of anything “bright” and the world around was literally so dark and gloomy. Which is why the extra effort to come up with this list was important, because it taught me to keep my eyes open enough to see beyond the darkness around me and pick up the big and small things that I might have missed!

The Little Things Banner

1.  Praying mantis inside my house.  For some reason, pollution, overly-developed subdivisions and global warming seem to have caused a lot of common insects to disappear through the years.  I haven’t seen a firefly in more than 10 years already! Isn’t that just sad?  I hardly see any beautifully-colored butterflies or those giant patterned moths flying around anymore, along with a host of other creatures. All I see are spiders (UGH) and cockroaches (ACK)!  So to find a bright green praying mantis stuck to our home’s foyer door was a pleasant surprise!  My hubby quickly called our two kids to check it out because our fully-urbanized kids have never one before.  Even I was amazed at the sight of it.  We kept it in a bottle for a few hours just so my kids could get a closer look at this unique insect without freaking out.  By evening I set the mantis free, just filled with the joy of knowing that there are still beautiful creatures that may come out and visit us every now and then.

The mantis was praying for the rain to stop too!

2.  Play-Doh Time.  Being stuck indoors for 9 days straight was no fun at all, especially for a hyperactive 5-year old!  Cabin fever was creeping in and nothing else (at that time) spelled fun than making a delicious spread of make-believe desserts out of Play-Doh!  It gave my daughter and I a fun bonding moment and it definitely lifted up our already damp (pun unintended) spirits.

Girl time!

3.  Baking.  I never claimed to be a kitchen goddess. I love cooking because I love to make dishes that I know my family don’t usually eat except in fancy restaurants.  In short, I pretend to be a chef in the hopes that I can bring home a delectable meal without paying a waiter to bring it to the table, haha. But baking is another story.  Baking is something that my dad is extremely good at and I have watched him whip up amazing cakes and pastries in their kitchen all my life enough to know the basics.  I usually “bake” stuff I buy that are in boxes already where all I have to do is add an egg and some milk into a pre-made batter then bake straight away.  I was recently challenged by my daughter to make cookies that were not available in pre-made packs at the grocery.  Long story short, I did.  I made White Chocolate Cookies and I must say for a first-try-from-scratch attempt, they tasted really good! You can find the recipe I used here.

Chunky and sinful!

4.  New shoes.  If you are a girl, and you are reading this, then no more words are needed 😀

Tory Burch is ♥!

5.  Dreams coming true.  Two years ago my hubby missed out on watching Tears For Fears when they came over for a World Tour concert.  He is one true blue fan, and I mean a real FAN!  He knows all the lyrics of their songs, knows what albums they are from, knows the band’s “state of minds” when they wrote their albums, and actively communicates with Curt Smith on Facebook! Yes THAT kind of fan.  So can you imagine what it felt like for him to not watch their concert and see them live?  But God heard his prayer and felt his disappointment. I told him that God loved him soooooo much, that he made sure that hubby had that chance again.  Fast forward to last Saturday, we found ourselves at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, screaming and dancing to TFF’s music!  It was truly my hubby’s night, and I could feel the joy and excitement burning through him.  I was so happy to see him happy!  Can you see how happy he was in our pic? 😀

Smiling ear to ear 🙂

All Access Pass autographed by Curt and Roland themselves

Note: All photos taken by me and downloaded from Instagram.

How about you? What were the little things recently that made you happy? Share them with me!


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